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Senior Living Community Administrator, You Must Read This!

Dear administrator, 

Dear senior community administrator, 

The many extra hours you spend in your community, and the excellent care your residents receive speaks volumes about how dedicated you are to your community’s well-being. 

I know you are doing everything you believe is possible to ensure the safety and health of your residents. 

In light of that, I’m going to make a few assumptions. 

I’m sure you read about the tragedy in that senior community in Washington State, where there was an outbreak of COVID-19, which resulted in 29 deaths. 

I’m assuming that you are aware that more recently in Maryland, a community reported an outbreak in which 77 of their 95 residents tested positive, and 22 died. 

And now, every day, communities across the country, have residents falling victim to the virus, so much so that the stories no longer make the headlines. 

But do you know what the real tragedy is? 

All of this could have been avoided. 

If every resident received testing, the loss of lives could have been prevented. 

Only with the information provided by testing every resident in a community can the well-being of our residents be ensured. 

Are the costs associated with testing less expensive than the price in lives lost when the virus is undetected? 

The team at  SC House Calls would appreciate the chance to have a conversation with you to share with you how quickly and efficiently we can test the residents in your community.


We’re looking forward to speaking with you.



The team at  SC House Calls


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