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Telehealth is Keeping Seniors Safe During Pandemic?


My dad, who is 88 years old, has struggled with congestive heart failure and diabetes for years. He was on an endless cycle of emergency room visits, followed by hospital stays and the recommended rehabilitation stints after discharge. The ER visits went on for nearly two years before I discovered Janet Cooper, a Nurse Practitioner with SC House Calls. Once my dad was under her care with weekly and sometimes bi-weekly in-home checkups, the ER visits became a distant memory.

When dad consistently felt better, he started back with his primary care physician. During that time, the SC House Calls visits stopped. After a few months, the same symptoms preceding an ER visit returned. During a Pandemic, exposure to the virus could be a death sentence with his underlying conditions.

I called Janet and asked if she could look in on him. She said she would be over in the morning. Janet could tell as soon as she arrived, his breathing and fluid build-up was making him extremely uncomfortable as he struggled to breathe. Within twenty minutes, Janet had a medical equipment company in the house setting up oxygen, and thirty minutes after that, a mobile radiology lab performed a chest x-ray. After she administered some medication to help with the fluids, I could tell my dad was starting to feel relief as his breathing began to return to normal.

I knew if Janet had not been there that morning, I would have had no choice but to take him into the ER and risk exposure to the virus. We were grateful, not only did she lift our spirits the minute she walked through the door. She had the experience and knowledge of my dad’s condition and knew what he needed immediately.

Janet held an audio Telehealth call every day for the next week so she could monitor his progress. Now she does Telehealth video calls on my phone with both me and my dad weekly. I don’t’ have the words to express my gratitude for the professionals of SC House Calls like Janet, who bring so much more to the patient relationship. They are genuinely medical angels.

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