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Hospital Collaboration Program

Our hospital collaboration program offers in-home care to ensure recently discharged patients receive the level of care necessary for optimal post-hospital results. Our team works in close collaboration with South Carolina hospitals to help decrease readmission rates and overall cost of care. This Hospital Collaboration program focuses on providing a personalized approach to managing each patient’s experience, therefore giving patients and partners better results.

After Patients Leave the Hospital

25,000 patients choose SC House Calls

Patients are accompanied by nurse practitioners who begin visiting their home after leaving the hospital. At the nurse practitioner’s discretion, the frequency of the scheduled visits may be increased based on the clinical presentation of the patient. These in-home visits allow the nurse practitioner to:

  • Confirm a safe environments
  • Reconcile medications and supplements
  • Provide education
  • Collaborate with home health
  • Coordinate care
  • Host advance care plan conversations
Hospital discharge benefits

Why SC House calls

In June 2018, a hospital in South Carolina had a 23% re-hospitalization rate of Congestive Heart Failure within 30 days of discharge. Then in July 2018, the hospital committed to incorporate the SC House Calls team into their safe discharge plan. Thus, decreasing the readmission rates by double.

SC House Calls serves all 46 counties in the state of South Carolina. Under the operation of our 24/7 call center. If you are interested in our Hospital Collaboration program, contact us.

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